September Housing Starts Slip; Pipeline Remains Strong

Housing starts fell slightly in September, the Census Bureau reported Wednesday, a blip in what has otherwise been a much improved year that, given supply chain issues, could have been even stronger.

Housing Starts Post Solid August Increase

Home builders liked what they saw in August—HUD and the Census Bureau said August housing starts rose by nearly 4 percent from July, almost entirely by multifamily activity, and by more than 17 percent from a year ago.

July Housing Starts Fall 7%

July housing starts fell by 7 percent, the Census Bureau reported yesterday, a disappointing result as home builders continue to be hamstrung by pipeline and labor shortages.

May Housing Starts Seesaw Back on Track

One step back; one step forward. Housing starts have alternated between up and down during 2021, and in keeping with the pattern, improved in May after declining in April, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Wednesday.

Supply Issues Hold Back April Housing Starts

Supply constraints continue to prevent a sizzling housing market from turning white-hot, with April housing starts falling by nearly 10 percent, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Tuesday.

Winter Catches Up with February Housing Starts

Housing starts fell in February for the second straight month, HUD and the Census Bureau reported yesterday, with winter weather largely the culprit.