Housing Starts Finish 2022 at 6-Month Low

Housing starts ended 2022 down for the second straight month to their lowest level since last July, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Thursday.

October Housing Starts Down 4.2%

Housing starts fell in October—the third straight monthly decline—but generally beat analysts’ expectations, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Thursday.

September Housing Starts Down 8%

September housing starts took back the temporary momentum it gained in August, falling by more than 8 percent, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Wednesday.

August Housing Starts Rise; Drop in Permits Casts Shadow

The good news: August housing starts beat expectations, rising by more than 12 percent from July. The bad news: housing permits fell just as dramatically, lending uncertainty to an already volatile 2022 housing market.

July Housing Starts Take Sharp Hit

It already hasn’t been a good week for housing. On Monday, the National Association of Home Builders reported its Housing Market Index fell for the eighth straight month to two-year low. And on Tuesday, HUD and the Census Bureau reported housing starts fell in July by nearly double digits to its slowest pace since 2020.

May Housing Starts Plunge Amid Market Volatility

Housing starts fell sharply in May, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Thursday, as continued market volatility and higher interest rates took a toll on both consumers and home builders.

Housing Starts Give Spring Home Buying Season Early Momentum

These days, is there really a spring home buying season? Especially when every month feels like buyers are knocking down every available door? Even, so, the New Residential Construction report from HUD and the Census Bureau portends what could be an even busier period for the housing market.

January Housing Starts Down 4.1%

Housing starts stumbled out the gate in January amid ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Thursday.

Housing Starts End Year on Positive Note

Housing starts posted a modest increase in December, HUD and the Census Bureau reported Wednesday, and jumped by nearly 16 percent from a year ago.