4Q GDP Second Estimate Slightly More Optimistic

The Bureau of Economic Analysis yesterday revised upward ever-so-slightly its second (revised) estimate of fourth quarter gross domestic product.

3rd Quarter GDP Balances Out

The Bureau of Economic Analysis yesterday said its third (final) estimate of third quarter gross domestic product saw real GDP increase at an annual rate of 33.4 percent. This is up slightly from the first and second estimates that took place in October and November, respectively, and reflect more complete source data.

Revised 3Q GDP Unchanged at 33.1%

Meet the new gross domestic product—same as the old gross domestic product. The Bureau of Economic Analysis on Wednesday reported its second (revised) estimate of third quarter GDP was unchanged from its first estimate last month: in other words, after an unbelievably bad second quarter, the third quarter looks, in contrast, relatively brilliant.

Economy Shows Hint of Recovery

What goes down must come up: after the coronavirus resulted in a staggering record drop in the second quarter, the U.S. economy bounced back somewhat in the third quarter, according to the first (advance) estimate of gross domestic product.

Final 2Q GDP Report Not Much Improvement

Second quarter gross domestic product—initially reported at nearly minus 33 percent in July, then minus 31.7 percent in August—didn’t improve much in the Bureau of Economic Analysis final estimate yesterday.

Revised 2nd Quarter GDP No Real Improvement

After a stunning 32.9 percent plunge in 2nd quarter gross domestic product, analysts hoped yesterday’s revised numbers would paint a more optimistic picture. It didn’t.

MBA Chart of the Week: Contribution to GDP Growth

This week’s MBA Chart of the Week drills down on the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis’ advance estimate of real gross domestic product for the second quarter, which was released July 30.

2nd Quarter GDP Takes One to the Chin

We were warned that second quarter gross domestic product data was going to be bad. Even so, the numbers that came out yesterday were off the charts–literally.

Final 1Q GDP Estimate Shows Economic Growth Down 5%

Real gross domestic product decreased by 5 percent in the first quarter, according to the third (final) estimate released Thursday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

2Q GDP Revised Down to -5%

Real gross domestic product decreased at an annual rate of 5 percent in the first quarter, according to the second (revised) estimate by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, down from 4.8 percent in last month’s advance (first) estimate. It also reported corporate profits fell sharply in the first quarter as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic took hold.