Zillow Finds Early Home Shopping May Pay Off

Both buyers and sellers should prepare for a competitive home shopping season this spring. Zillow’s latest market report shows that well-priced homes are being sold quickly, while those that linger on the market are seeing their asking prices cut.

Homeownership Gender Gap Widening

Women have returned to the workforce in near pre-pandemic numbers, but homeownership remains elusive for those who are single, reported Zillow, Seattle.  

Zillow: Newly Unemployed Service Workers Owe $1.7 Billion/Month in Housing Payments

Zillow, Seattle, said its analysis found more than $1.7 billion in rent and mortgage payments is owed each month by U.S. service-sector workers currently receiving unemployment benefits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic — payments that could be in jeopardy if expanded local and federal unemployment assistance fades or workers remain without incomes longer than expected.

Analysts: Missing Spring Home Sales to Disperse over ‘Years’

When the coronavirus pandemic turned the economy upside down, anxiety and uncertainty about the future initially kept many home buyers and sellers at bay. Inventory and sales have picked up over the past month, though, and a panel of housing experts and economists sponsored by Zillow, Seattle, say the U.S. housing market hasn’t lost those missing springtime transactions for good. But it could take years for a full recovery.