Industry Briefs April 1, 2024

Industry news from FHFA, ICE, Truv and Kriss Law/Atlantic Closing & Escrow.

Industry Briefs March 5, 2024

Industry news from ACES Quality Management, Matic, Truv, Dark Matter Technologies, Paradatec, LoanLogics, BaseCap Analytics and Calque.

Industry Briefs Oct. 16, 2023

Industry news from Truv, Valligent, titleLOOK, nCino, FundingShield and Mortgage Cadence.

Industry Briefs July 19, 2023

Industry briefs from Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services, Truv, Insellerate and CoreLogic.

Industry Briefs June 29, 2023

Industry Briefs from Fannie Mae, Floify, Truv, Mobility Market Intelligence and Lender ToolKit.