MBA Education Webinar Feb. 9: Home Equity Lending: An Assessment of Today’s Market Landscape and Cashout Opportunities

MBA Education holds a webinar, Home Equity Lending: An Assessment of Today’s Market Landscape & Cashout Opportunities, on Thursday, Feb. 9 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET.

Home Equity lending is growing rapidly, and lenders are looking for ways to capitalize on the market opportunity. Join MBA Education and industry professional for an exploration of a proprietary data set sourced directly from dozens of Home Equity lenders across the country that examines the following:

–Realtime origination trends for HELOCs/HE loans, including both applications and bookings

–Operational metrics such as cycle times and pull-through rates

–Pricing intelligence and tradeoff between home equity lending and 1st mortgage cash-out refinances

–Market risk “buy box” trends

–Servicing data, including portfolio balance trends, HELOC usage and average balance trends, and emerging risk metrics such as delinquencies

Participants will gain a better understanding of loan origination, operational and credit risk trends and strategies on how to navigate the current market and take advantage of cashout opportunities.

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