MBA Chart of the Week Aug. 16 2021–Aggregate Back Rent Owed

This week’s MBA Chart of the Week zeroes in on households who missed rental payments in June. The chart plots a) the distribution of those households by the number of payments they have missed since the onset of the pandemic; and b) an estimate of the aggregate dollar volume of back rent owed by those households.

MBA Chart of the Week May 17, 2021: Cumulative Eviction Filings, 2020 v. Historical Average

On Wednesday, May 5, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich issued an order vacating the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national eviction moratorium. But with the number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths falling, increased attention is being paid to when, and how, to allow the various moratoriums to phase-out.