Affordable Areas Outside Big Cities Heating Up

Relatively inexpensive areas outside major cities, such as El Dorado County, just east of Sacramento, Calif., and Camden County, N.J., across the river from Philadelphia, are gaining ground with homebuyers as New York City and San Francisco lose steam, according to a report from Redfin, Seattle.

Monday Report: Red-Hot Housing Markets and a Time-Capsule Survey

This morning’s Monday Report features stories that confirm the housing markets remain hot, regardless of location or political preference; what that might mean for down payments; and a housing survey that, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, was obsolete the moment it was released.

Housing Report Roundup

Welcome to the Friday Housing Report Roundup. Click on the link to see what’s happening.

Housing Market Stays Hot as Sellers Gain Upper Hand

he U.S. housing market heated up even more during the four-week period ending August 23, said Redfin, Seattle, with strong sales and price growth unfazed by seasonality.

More Space, Please: Sales of Large Homes Up 21%

The typical home that sold in the four weeks ending August 16 was 3.7% larger (1,772 square feet) than sold a year earlier, when it was just 0.4% larger, said Redfin, Seattle.

Home Buyers Not Rushing Back to Open Houses

The trend toward virtual real estate—a necessity during this coronavirus pandemic—might become permanent, with potential home buyers continuing to show little enthusiasm for open houses, said Redfin, Seattle.