More Employees in Offices Where Benefits Clearly Communicated, CBRE Survey Finds

CBRE, Dallas, conducted a new survey on in-office work among corporate real estate leaders, finding that leaders and employees remain dissimilar in views. However, CBRE noted, employers that can clearly communicate the benefits of such work have a higher level of attendance.  

Tech Industry Leasing More Offices, CBRE Finds

CBRE, Dallas, reported that despite challenges in the sector, the tech industry has reclaimed the largest share of U.S. office leasing in the third quarter.

City-by-City Remote Trends Continue to Affect Office Vacancy Rates

CommercialEdge, Santa Barbara, Calif., reported that due to a variance in remote and hybrid work, some cities’ office markets remain more vulnerable than others, affecting metrics such as vacancy rates, rental prices, sales and pipelines.

Small-Cap Office Buildings Buck Concerns in Q1

Conventional thinking says the office market is in crisis, but Boxwood Means, Stamford, Conn., found small-cap office properties aren’t seeing the same trends.

Tech Sector Pressures Major Office Markets

Office-using sectors added 67,000 jobs in April–a 2% year-over-year increase–but demand for office space remains weak across major markets, reported CommercialEdge, Santa Barbara, Calif.

#MBACMST23: Facing up to Office Sector Challenges

CHICAGO–The office sector faces major challenges, but servicers and asset managers can handle them, panelists said here at the MBA Commercial/Multifamily Finance Servicing and Technology Conference.