Return to Office? Still a Work in Progress

Despite growing sentiment among companies, politicians and even cabin fever-infected workers to return to post-covid operations, reports show returning to the office is still a long way from normal.

CBRE: Flex-Office Sector Positioned to Adapt

CBRE, Dallas, said the flex-office sector has grown more sophisticated during the pandemic and is helping employers accommodate changing office-use patterns.

Flex-Office Sector Poised For Growth

CBRE, Dallas, said the flex-office sector is poised to benefit as companies adapt their office portfolios to accommodate more flexible work practices.

Office Market Seeing Nascent Recovery

Activity in the 12 largest U.S. office markets indicates many have started their recovery from the pandemic-induced downturn, reported CBRE, Dallas.

Fewer Firms Plan to Shrink Office Portfolios

U.S. companies have scaled back their plans to make big cuts to their office portfolios and many now expect their offices to support “collaborative” work in person rather than remotely, said CBRE, Dallas.