Point2: Prices Have Doubled Over Decade in Many Large U.S. Cities

Point2, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, recently released an analysis finding that prices have doubled in less than 10 years in 68 of the country’s largest 100 cities. Some, such as Detroit, have doubled at a significantly faster rate.

Fannie Mae Panel Upgrades Home Price Growth Outlook

A panel of housing experts expects annual national home price growth of 3.8% this year and 3.4% in 2025, according to the Q1 2024 Fannie Mae Home Price Expectations Survey.

Redfin: Spring Home Season Off to Mixed Start

Two reports from Redfin, Seattle, suggest the spring home buying/selling season could be hamstrung by cooling home prices and a usual suspect: not enough housing inventory.

Home Price Report Roundup: More Rebalancing

Three reports show a continuing trend of slowly receding home prices, with some markets coming back to earth faster than others. Here’s a summary of those reports: