A Summer Housing Market Cooldown?

Reports from House Canary, Washington, D.C., and Redfin, Seattle, point to slowing housing market activity this summer following a breakneck pace over the past two years.

Home Price Appreciation Marches On, Unabated

Reports from Fitch Ratings, New York, and Redfin, Seattle, confirm other industry reports showing while U.S. home price growth appears to be slowing, market conditions portend a very competitive housing environment in 2022.

Veros: Slightly Slower Home-Price Growth, Still-Booming Market in 2022

Veros Estate Solutions, Santa Ana, Calif., released its Q4 2021 VeroFORECAST data, projecting home prices will appreciate on average 6.8% for the next 12 months—slightly less anticipated growth compared to its third quarter predicted national average appreciation of 7%.

By the Numbers: 10 Housing Records Set in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting surge in remote work have changed where, when, why and how people buy homes, reported Redfin, Seattle, resulting in nearly a dozen housing market records in the past year.

Zillow: Home Builders Still Playing Catchup

Zillow, Seattle, said limited supply of for-sale homes is a key reason home prices have risen quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Redfin: Home Sales Post First Annual Decline in 15 Months

Redfin, Seattle, reported home sales fell on a monthly and annual basis in August for the first time since May 2020, although home prices continued to rise at a double-digit annual pace.