Inflation Hitting Millennial, Gen Z Renters Harder than Others

Millennials who took on a new rental lease in July saw their overall cost of goods and services increase 11.6% year over year, substantially higher than 8.5% for the U.S. population as a whole, said Redfin, Seattle.

Millennials, Gen Z Continue to Lag Behind in Homeownership

Millennials and Gen Z—the most underrepresented cohorts in homeownership—continue to lag behind after nearly two years into the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey by PropertyShark, New York.

Millennials, Gen Z Trust ‘Bank of Mom and Dad’

Millennials and Gen Z have become increasingly prevalent in the housing market. But to get there, they’re still turning to the “Bank of Mom and Dad.” And that’s having a ripple effect on their Boomer parents.

Analysis: More Gen Zers Than Millennials Will Own Homes

Even as Millennials age into their prime home-buying years, they’re still not keeping up with past generations, said Zillow Inc., Seattle. Furthermore, the analysis said, Gen Z could end up overwhelming Millennials in homeownership competition.