FOMC Quietly Leaves Things Be

The first meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee during the Biden Administration was, as fitting, quiet and uneventful.

Fed Sends ‘Loud and Clear’ Message on Low Rates

There were no real surprises coming out of yesterday’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting—there haven’t been for months, now—but according to Mortgage Bankers Association Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni, the message it sent was loud and clear.

Fed: No Change in Policy Anytime Soon

The Federal Open Market Committee yesterday said ongoing concerns about the coronavirus and the resulting economic stall means it will hold fast on its current policies.

Fed: No Rate Hike Until ‘at Least 2022’

The Federal Open Market Committee yesterday offered cautious hope for an economic turnaround following the body-slam brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. But it soberly noted the economic recovery could take some time.

Fed Cuts Interest Rates to Zero; Announces $700 Billion in Stimulus

The Federal Reserve yesterday pre-empted its own regularly scheduled policy meeting this week, announcing an extraordinary full percentage point cut to the federal funds rate and sweeping purchases of government bonds and agency mortgage-backed securities.