MBA Newslink Friday 2-23-18

“It’s clear that FHA homeowners in these areas need more help to get back on their feet as they recover from these storms.” –HUD Secretary Ben Carson, announcing further relief measures for FHA borrowers in 2017 hurricane-impacted areas.

MBA Newslink Thursday 2-22-18

“Low inventories signal a tough spring home buying season. We can expect fast-moving inventory, home prices remaining high and fierce competition as prospective home buyers jostle for limited listings.”–Cheryl Young, senior economist with Trulia, San Francisco.

MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-21-18

“Private equity firms have a significant amount of capital ripe for deployment into hotel real estate and public real estate investment trusts will likely remain key buyers given the health of their company valuations. In addition, high net worth and family office investors both domestic and off-shore are becoming more involved in the sector.”–JLL Hotels and Hospitality Group Global CEO Mark Wynne Smith.

MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-20-18

“Information will inform the sales process more and more, so those with technology who are more informed are going to win.”–Walker & Dunlop LLC Chairman and CEO William Walker.

MBA Newslink Friday 2-16-18

“The issue of fair lending is an important one, and MBA has and will continue to advocate for policies that responsibly promote expanding the credit box in order to serve borrowers of all demographics and income levels. Unfortunately, this story does little to contribute to a productive dialogue.”–From an MBA statement in response to a Reveal News analysis of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data and lending practices.

MBA Newslink Thursday 2-15-18

“We still see windows open for good construction and permanent loans, especially on apartments and well-leased commercial properties.”–Paul Hanson, Managing Director with Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee.

MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-14-18

“Change will inevitably occur. It’s the business cycle; it’s just the way things work. At some point–hopefully not too soon–this bullish market will inevitably take a turn.”–MBA Chairman Dave Motley, CMB.

MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-13-18

“We’re not seeing the same pace of growth we used to see, but we are seeing growth. That’s pretty remarkable this late in the cycle. CRE is sort of like the Energizer Bunny–it keeps going and going.”–MBA Vice President of Commercial/Multifamily Research Jamie Woodwell.

MBA Newslink Monday 2-12-18

“There is a strong mix of both headwinds and tailwinds in the commercial real estate finance markets right now. Our sense is that for commercial and multifamily mortgage borrowing and lending, the net effect is likely to be close to a wash.”–MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

MBA Newslink Friday 2-9-18

“FHA borrowers appear to be impacted not only by the storms but other factors that could be stretching their ability to make payments. Regardless of the hurricanes, an increase in delinquencies–particularly FHA delinquencies–off historic lows is not particularly surprising given the seasoning of the loan portfolio, expected higher interest rates, declining average credit scores on new FHA endorsements since 2014 and rising debt-to-income ratios.”–MBA Vice President of Industry Analysis Marina Walsh.