Industry Briefs, May 31, 2024

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Truity Credit Union to Implement Dark Matter LOS

Dark Matter Technologies, Jacksonville, Fla., announced that Truity Credit Union, Bartlesville, Okla., will implement its Empower loan origination system.

Truity will use the LOS to provide loan officers and members with a mobile-friendly tool across home purchase, refi, home equity and construction loan originations.

Truity chose Empower due to its mobile-friendly Borrower Portal, as well as other features to help its team work more efficiently.

FICO Announces PRMG as Latest Adopter of FICO Score 10 T

FICO, Bozeman, Mont., announced Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc., Corona, Calif., has adopted FICO Score 10 T.

In addition to other features, FICO Score 10 T will provide PRMG with a credit scoring tool proven to increase mortgage loan approval and reduce delinquencies.

FICO Score 10 T can enable an increase in mortgage originations of up to 5% (without taking on additional credit risk) or can reduce default risk and losses by up to 17%, FICO said.

Candor Technology Completes Study

Candor Technology, Atlanta, announced it has completed a study of more than 500,000 funded loans, revealing no repurchases.

Thirteen repurchase claims were defended because the technology provided the proper information at closing, Candor reported.

The loans were all closed within the past five years.