MBA Premier Member Profile: Clearwater Analytics

(One in a continuing series of profiles of Premier Members of the Mortgage Bankers Association.)

Please provide a brief description of your company

Clearwater Analytics (NYSE: CWAN) is the leading provider of web-based investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and reconciliation services for institutional investors at thousands of organizations.

Clearwater aggregates, reconciles, and reports on more than $7 trillion in assets across thousands of accounts daily. Our clients include corporate treasuries, insurance companies, investment managers, banks, governments, and other institutional investors both in the United States and worldwide.

For more than a decade, we have leveraged web-based software and world-class client service to help clients streamline their investment and accounting operations. Clearwater also works with hundreds of custodians, investment managers, dealers/brokers and electronic trading portals who offer Clearwater to their many clients.

With global headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and offices in Edinburgh, Frankfurt, London, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Seattle, Singapore, and Washington D.C., Clearwater sets the new global standard for investment portfolio reporting.

Please provide a list of key senior personnel

Jonathan Flitt, Global Head of Alternative Investment Solutions

Allison Saslow, Senior Product Manager, Alternative Investment Solutions

Joe Monaco, Enterprise Sales Lead, Alternative Investment Solutions

Christina Spagnolo, Senior Product Lead, Alternative Investment Solutions

What are some key trends your company is tracking?

At Clearwater Analytics, we closely monitor multiple industry trends and meet regularly with our top clients to ensure that we are at the forefront of product development. Some trends we are closely tracking are the adoption of technology in mortgage loan origination and servicing, the rise of digital mortgage platforms, the integration of alternative data sources, the growth of private MBS, the impact of demographics, and the emergence of co-investment platforms in the mortgage industry.

Why did your company join the Mortgage Bankers Association?

Clearwater Analytics joined the Mortgage Bankers Association to actively participate in shaping the future of the mortgage banking industry. By accessing a network of industry leaders, policymakers, and experts who are driving innovation and growth in the sector, the MBA allows us to collaborate with like-minded professionals, stay informed about emerging trends and regulations, and contribute to the development of best practices. We believe that by being a part of this influential association, we can make a meaningful impact on the industry and ultimately provide better solutions to our clients.

How has being an MBA Premier Member benefited your company?

Being a premier member of the Mortgage Bankers Association has greatly benefited our company in numerous ways. As a technology leader in the mortgage loan space, having access to exclusive events and conferences where we can connect with industry leaders, policymakers, and potential clients is critical. These connections have opened doors for collaboration, partnerships, and new business opportunities, ultimately contributing to our company’s growth and success.

We believe that our premier membership also enhances our industry knowledge and expertise, and bolsters our company’s reputation and credibility within the mortgage banking community.

Please provide any additional comments, suggestions or areas of improvement that could improve your premier level membership experience.

As we are a relatively new member to the MBA, we are eager to explore the opportunities provided by our membership.

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