Industry Briefs, April 12, 2024

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MIAC Analytics Releases MIAC Market Monitor

MIAC Analytics, New York, announced the release of the MIAC Market Monitor, providing TBA market participants with more information.

The product will allow near complete visibility into the actual trade history including the cleared (traded) price, the time of the transaction and the size of the trade.

MMM is available with any browser and has an API option.

Power Forward Communities Awarded EPA Grant

Power Forward Communities, a coalition of housing, climate and community groups, was awarded a $2 billion, seven-year National Clean Investment Fund grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to provide capital for affordable residential decarbonization throughout the country, with a specific focus on low-income and disadvantaged communities.

The coalition is led by Enterprise Community Partners, Rewiring America, Habitat for Humanity International, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and United Way Worldwide.

Through the grant, the group will provide financing to homeowners and multifamily building owners to upgrade appliances, weatherize and make other changes. The group will also work with state and local governments and investors on related efforts.

Vesta, Optimal Blue Partner

Vesta, San Francisco, has partnered with Optimal Blue, Plano, Texas, to provide an integration between the two firms’ systems.

It combines Vesta’s loan origination system with Optimal Blue PPE’s comprehensive pricing capabilities.

Through the integration, users of both systems will have access to a more simplified pricing process, the companies said.

Merchants Bank, Merchants Capital Create Merchants Foundation

Merchants Bank and Merchants Capital, Carmel, Ind., announced the creation of Merchants Foundation, a private charitable foundation.

Employees across the family of companies can nominate local causes and charitable organizations for Merchants Foundation to support.

The foundation particularly aims to expand access to housing, health care and education.