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Mortgage Rates Drop to Lowest Since Election, But Borrowers Barely Budge
CNBC, Aug. 16, 2017--Diana Olick (MBA mention)The lowest mortgage interest rates since November did little to encourage people to refinance their home loans or take out a new loan to buy a home.
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U.S. Home Refinancing Applications Rise to a Near Two-Month High: MBA
Reuters, Aug. 16, 2017--Richard Leong (MBA mention)U.S. applications for home refinancing climbed to their highest level in nearly two months last week with their share of total housing loan requests reaching the biggest since February, as home borrowing costs fell, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Wednesday.
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TransUnion: Mortgage Delinquencies Hit New Post-Recession Low
HousingWire, Aug. 16, 2017--Kelsey RamirezMortgage delinquencies are continuing to fall, hitting a new low in the second quarter, a report from TransUnion--one of the three largest credit-reporting agencies in the U.S.--showed.
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Do Office Tenants Prefer the City or the Suburbs? The Answer is Complicated
National Real Estate Investor, Aug. 16, 2017--John EganOwners and developers of suburban offices that fail to embrace the urb-suburban vibe might find it harder to justify new projects or attract new tenants.
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It’ll Be A While Before Rent Becomes More Attractive Than Homeownership, Based on Breakeven Rate
GoRion, Aug. 16, 2017--Sam BourgiAffordability constraints have emerged as one of the biggest challenges to the continued housing recovery. However, according to one metric, it'll be a long while before rent becomes the more sensible option.
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WSJ’s Daily Shot: Are US Homes Overvalued?
Wall Street Journal, Aug. 17, 2017--Lev BorodovskyBased on the disposable income per capita (or per employee) metric, U.S. home prices are roughly in line with historical averages. But Other measures suggest that homes are already overvalued.
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Mortgage Balances Up, Lates at Post-Recession Low
Mortgage Daily, Aug. 16, 2017Average mortgage balances have risen despite falling loan amounts on new originations. Home loan performance, meanwhile, is the best it's been since the recession.
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Mortgage Lender Loses Appeal in MA Foreclosure Case
Mortgage Daily, Aug. 16, 2017--Thomas O'Neill; Melissa Bruynell ManesseThe Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that its ruling in Pinti v. Emigrant Mortgage Co."applies in any case where the issue was timely and fairly asserted in the trial court or on appeal before July 17, 2015."
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VA Mortgage Share Up as Credit Conditions Ease
Mortgage Daily, Aug. 16, 2017Veterans home loans guaranteed by the government have grabbed a bigger share of the mortgage market over the past year. Credit scores and income ratios have eased over the same period.
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Inc. 5000: These Are The 5 Fastest-Growing Companies in Mortgage Finance
HousingWire, Aug. 16, 2017--Brena SwansonInc. magazine's list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies contains some familiar names and some new mortgage finance names that made the cut this year.
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U.S. Housing Starts Fall as Multifamily Construction Slumps
Reuters, Aug. 16, 2017--Lucia MutikaniU.S. homebuilding unexpectedly fell in July as the construction of multifamily houses tumbled to a 10-month low, but strong job growth is expected to continue to support the housing market recovery.
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MBA Whole Loan Trading Workshop Nov. 9 in Chicago: Call for Speakers
The Mortgage Bankers Association will host a one-day workshop on November 9 in Chicago that focuses on the active market for whole loans.
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