MBA Education Webinar July 13: Essential Overview of Business Income Insurance

Commercial insurance is a complex and dynamic component of the real estate finance industry. In recognition of the training needs of our members, MBA Education has developed a comprehensive program covering the various elements of commercial insurance.

July 13, 2022 2:00 PM-3:30 PM. Click here for more information.


During this 90-minute presentation, the speaker will cover the fundamental concepts of Business Income Insurance. Learn in detail how business income limits are calculated. What exactly is “Actual Loss Sustained”, and just how long is a “Period of Restoration?” The concepts of Time to Repair, Resumption of Operation, Due Diligence and Dispatch, Extended Period of Indemnity and others will be covered.

The webinar is an indispensable guide to educate property owners, investors, lenders, servicing personnel and asset managers about the complexities of this insurance topic. Did you purchase or require enough insurance, and if there is a claim, will you recover as much as you think and how long will it really take to get it settled?

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Who Should Attend?

Real Estate Owners & Investors

Insurance Directors

Loan Closers & Underwriters

Commercial Servicers

Others concerned with insurance matters, such as attorneys and consultants who work within the real estate industry


Mike McDaniel, President & Owner, Fortress Risk Consultants, LLC

In collaboration with Insurance Advisors LLC and Fortress Risk Consultants LLC, MBA Education will offer 12 webinars over a two-year period covering the following four categories:

1) Introductory and Overview

2) Types of Commercial Insurance

3) Commercial Insurance Industry Processes

4) Commercial Insurance Compliance

Our goal is for MBA members to develop a better understanding of everything from the fundamentals to the complexities of commercial insurance