John Walsh of LERETA on Servicing Tax Issues

John Walsh is CEO of LERETA, Pomona, Calif. He leads an executive leadership team focused on providing the mortgage and insurance industries accuracy, responsiveness and innovative technology.

Jessica Longman: Education is Key–Reduce Homeowner Frustration Regarding Property Taxes

Some of the most common questions that servicers receive from customers revolve around property taxes. An important aspect to providing an excellent experience for your customers includes educating them on the critical pieces they need to know about their loan; in turn this will reduce call volume relating to property tax questions and reduce overall homeowner frustration about taxes and payments.

John Walsh: Tax Service – A New Era

For decades, tax service has gone unchanged. There are many efforts to change this dynamic; layering in new technology for servicers to engage with their tax vendor and improving transparency in a historically monochromatic space.

How Servicers Can Address Flood Insurance Issues

Today’s regulatory environment can move as fast as flood waters. Helping borrowers find opportunities to reduce or even remove their flood insurance starts with understanding all of the basics around this ever-changing area.