Jessica Longman: Education is Key–Reduce Homeowner Frustration Regarding Property Taxes

Some of the most common questions that servicers receive from customers revolve around property taxes. An important aspect to providing an excellent experience for your customers includes educating them on the critical pieces they need to know about their loan; in turn this will reduce call volume relating to property tax questions and reduce overall homeowner frustration about taxes and payments.

Britt Faircloth: Fairness in the Face of Crisis–Fair and Responsible Banking in the Midst of Chaos

As a compliance officer, I have always recognized that change is constant, and I accept that fact sometimes grudgingly. While regulatory change generally has ample implementation or lead time, March 2020 has brought a different kind of change; one that is significant, sudden and jarring. These days you can’t just ask who moved your cheese—assuming you could find cheese in the grocery store, that is—you must quickly and effectively adapt to an entirely new normal.

Allen Price: Don’t Let Natural Disasters Become Servicing Disasters

Natural disasters have become seemingly commonplace, as every season seems to bring a major storm, flood, hurricane or wildfire somewhere in the country. These events obviously have devastating impacts on homeowners. But on one level or another, they have also revealed weaknesses among mortgage servicers and their ability to respond appropriately.