Community Reinvestment Act: Final Regulations and What Banks Need to Know Now, Nov. 28

The Community Reinvestment Act was enacted to encourage banks to help meet the credit needs in the communities in which they do business, especially low- and moderate-income communities. Join MBA Education and industry experts on Nov. 28 for an in-depth discussion on the primary changes Agencies made to the NPR in the final regulations.

MBA Letter to Agencies Targets Topline CRA Issues

The Mortgage Bankers Association last week sent a letter to federal regulatory agencies, discussing several topline issues it says are crucial to improving the current Community Reinvestment Act framework.

To the Point with Bob–IMBs and the CRA: A Misguided Match

In this edition of To the Point with Bob, MBA President & CEO Robert Broeksmit, CMB, says while the Community Reinvestment Act serves an important policy objective, it is inappropriate to apply it to independent mortgage banks.

MBA Letter Offers Recommendations on Improving CRA Framework

The Mortgage Bankers Association, in a letter last week to the Federal Reserve, offered recommendations on how the Fed could improve the Community Reinvestment Act to improve credit access and more effectively meet the needs of low- and moderate-income communities.