Elevating Your Quality Quotient, Part II: Mortgage Servicing Post-Pandemic

Regulations offer guardrails, but rebuilding trust is key to a vibrant mortgage servicing industry. The hurdles of the Great Financial Crisis have been largely overcome and the COVID-19 Pandemic National Emergency was formally decreed behind us on April 10. So, what does the marketplace for servicing look like today and what aspects of servicing could look different in the future?

Bob Caruso of ServiceMac LLC: Servicing Strategies in a Heightened Compliance Environment

Over the past two decades, regulatory and investor guidelines have become much more nuanced. In addition, maintaining on-going compliance to the rules and audit guidelines has been challenging given servicers’ day-to-day responsibilities. Servicers have had to become more agile and look for ways to update processes and implement changes quickly to reduce the risk of non-compliance.