Uncovering Insurance Servicing Risks: Safeguarding Your Operations: Sponsored Webinar Sept. 11

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About the Event

*This is a sponsored webinar. Please be advised your contact information will be shared with the sponsor.*

Join us for a webinar designed to help servicing operations navigate the complexities of insurance tracking, lender-placed insurance, and regulatory compliance. Our panelists will dive into the dynamic insurance landscape, uncovering risks and regulatory nuances that can impact both banks and borrowers. Our experts will share real-life examples, illustrating the repercussions faced by servicers who fell short of compliance standards and highlighting the importance of vigilance. Our aim at Proctor Loan Protector is to equip participants with the latest knowledge and insights that could safeguard your operations. This webinar will showcase how innovative processes and technology effectively mitigate these risks.


Wednesday, September 11 (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET)


• Educate on lender placed insurance, both compliance and standardized risk, homeowners, flood and REO coverages

• Explain on how to track and manage a portfolio

• Analyze common trends within the industry as a whole and how it affects the servicer which includes GSE requirements

• Explain the tools at our disposal that can be used to help manage risk

Experience Level

• Entry-Level
• Intermediate

Target Audience

• Mortgage Operations 
• Loan Administration
• Servicing Personnel


• Mike Dimas, SVP Sales, Proctor Loan Protector
• Jay Weemhoff, National Sales, Proctor Loan Protector
• Jon Kwasny, National Sales, Proctor Loan Protector
• Malgosia Stella, SVP Compliance, Proctor Loan Protector