Optimal Blue: Rate-and-Term Refis Jump in May

Optimal Blue, Plano, Texas, released its Market Advantage Mortgage Data Report for May, finding, among other metrics, an almost 26% increase in rate-and-term refinances in May.

ATTOM: Mortgage Lending Drops in Q1

ATTOM, Irvine, Calif., released its first-quarter U.S. Residential Property Mortgage Origination report, revealing that 1.28 million mortgages secured by residential property were issued in the quarter.

Total Expert’s Joe Welu–Retention Is the Key to Winning the 2024 Refi Surge

We knew it was coming—eventually. After 11 rate hikes starting in March 2022, the Fed in December 2023 signaled its intentions to lower rates through 2024. With mortgage rates already dropping, virtually everyone that bought a home in the last 18 months will benefit from a refinancing conversation with their lender.

Regrets? For Some Homeowners During Pandemic, a Few

A new survey from LendEDU, Hoboken, N.J., finds more than half of new homeowners regret taking out a mortgage during the coronavirus pandemic, with most of them citing a job layoff as the reason for their angst.