Sam Verna of Peoples Processing: Automation–A Critical Element for the Emerging Non-QM Sector

Against the background of plummeting refinance activity, there has been a growing level of competition to service limited loan volume. Coupled with the tighter business conditions, market norms have rapidly changed, and so have the borrower profile. These changes have been encouraging lenders to consider getting into the Non-QM space to ensure smooth business continuity.

Dave Parker: Rebounding Non-QM Market Requires Quality Review to Mitigate Risk

The non-QM market is making a recovery and, with continued demand from borrowers, changes to the current QM lending rule and the approaching expiration of the QM patch, is likely to stay on the rebound. As a new range of products come to the market, the question now becomes, how can the mortgage industry ramp up and ensure loan quality for lenders, servicers, and investors?