MBA NewsLink 2023 Tech All-Star: Rob Chrane of Down Payment Resource

Rob Chrane has spent 15 years (half of his career) developing technology that can be used by anybody online for free to search 2,100+ down payment assistance programs for extra cash to get into their home. That should help lenders qualify more buyers (making them an even more indispensable resource), and more buyers move forward into homeownership.

MBA NewsLink 2022 Tech All-Star: Christy Moss, CMB, of FormFree

Christy Moss, CMB, has spent 35 years in housing finance with the singular goal of leaving the industry better than she found it. The former “face of Fannie Mae,” who helped hundreds of the GSE’s lenders gain seller status, is now doing just that as the head of sales and marketing at FormFree, a verification technology provider.

MBA NewsLink 2022 Tech All-Star: Eloise Schmitz of LoanNEX

Gone are the days of back-and-forth emails, notifications, PDFs, prospective loans and trailing documents to sell or invest in a non-agency loan, thanks to Eloise Schmitz, CEO and co-founder of LoanNEX and a recipient of the MBA NewsLink 2022 Tech All-Star Award.