Mark P. Dangelo: Purging of Underperforming Innovation Firms Is Accelerating

As banking, mortgage and financial services look to remain innovatively different, the quest to “do something” that leverages their people, processes and partners is creating a dystopia during a period of profitability for many leaders unfamiliar with rapid innovations taking place across their markets and offerings.

Industry Briefs Mar. 12, 2021

HUD approved a Conciliation Agreement between JPMorgan Chase Bank and a Black woman, resolving the woman’s claim that the mortgage lender, relying on an appraisal that she believed was inaccurate, valued her home at an amount lower than its actual worth because of her race.

Andrew Foster: CMBS Market Musings

Taken together, the analysis from industry thought leaders indicates that CMBS will continue to have challenges with existing loans through 2021 as new issuance remains robust for agency MBS and at a tepid pace for conduit transactions. Challenges with maturing loans are starting as well; however, 2022 will bring a major wave of those loans.