Inventory Jump Could Give Home Buyers Welcome Relief

Zillow, Seattle, reported housing inventory saw “significant recovery” for the second straight month in June, indicating the market may be on the road to rebalancing after a long stint of being heavily in sellers’ favor.

Pandemic Drives ‘The Great Reshuffling’

So many people have moved in the past year—either by choice or by circumstance—that it even has its own name: the “Great Reshuffling.”

Low-Income Renters Not Seeing Pandemic Savings

Rent growth has slowed during the pandemic, seemingly a boost for rent affordability. But more expensive areas tended to soften the most, giving little respite to renters in lower-priced areas, reported Zillow, Seattle.

2021 Housing Market ‘Red Hot’

The past year has been like no other, housing-wise. Near-record-low interest rates, tight housing supplies and greater flexibility in where one lives have pushed a normally predictable housing cycle into uncharted territory, as three new housing reports show.

Housing Roundup Nov. 23, 2020

Here’s a quick hit on several recent housing and real estate finance reports.

Housing Market Roundup

In this edition of the MBA NewsLink Housing Market Roundup, we look at the latest FHFA Strategic Plan; how consumers are altering their home buying and home selling plans during the coronavirus pandemic; why housing affordability might be at a “tipping point;” how the coronavirus is driving down inventories; and how political preferences are having an effect on where people choose to live–or even stay in America.

Monday Report: Red-Hot Housing Markets and a Time-Capsule Survey

This morning’s Monday Report features stories that confirm the housing markets remain hot, regardless of location or political preference; what that might mean for down payments; and a housing survey that, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, was obsolete the moment it was released.