Housing Market Roundup: May 20, 2022

Catching you up on housing and economic reports that came across the MBA NewsLink desk this week during and after the MBA National Secondary and Capital Markets Conference & Expo in New York:

Typical Buyer’s Monthly Payment Up Nearly 40%

Redfin, Seattle, reported the typical homebuyer’s monthly mortgage payment shot up 39%, the largest year-over-year gain on record, as the average 30-year-fixed rate hovered at 5.1%.

Housing Market Roundup Apr. 26, 2022

Here is a summary of recent stories of interest to the real estate finance community that have come across the MBA Newslink desk:

Homeowner Tenure Flattens After 10-Year Rise

The typical American homeowner in 2021 had spent 13.2 years in their home, down slightly from the peak of 13.5 years in 2020 but up significantly from 10.1 years in 2012, said Redfin, Seattle.

Record-High 1 in 3 Homebuyers Looking to Relocate

A record 32.4% of Redfin.com users nationwide looked to move to a different metro area in January, up from the previous peak of 31.5% a year ago and significantly higher than before the pandemic, when one-quarter of homebuyers sought to relocate.