Housing Supply Accelerator Initiative Releases Playbook to Boost Attainable, Equitable Housing Supply

(Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook illustration courtesy of the Housing Supply Accelerator)

The Mortgage Bankers Association is proud to partner with the American Planning Association, the National League of Cities and others on the Housing Supply Accelerator, a collaborative effort aimed at boosting diverse, attainable and equitable housing supply across the United States.

As a core partner of the Housing Supply Accelerator, along with the National Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Realtors, MBA brings its expertise in mortgage finance to support initiatives aimed at addressing housing affordability challenges.

This week, the Housing Supply Accelerator released a Playbook that serves as a comprehensive guide for local elected officials and community planners seeking to boost attainable and equitable housing supply in communities nationwide.

The Playbook gives actionable strategies to overcome regulatory barriers and demystify housing finance, inspiring local innovation and supercharging efforts to close the nation’s housing supply gap.

The release of the Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook marks a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts of public and private stakeholders to improve local capacity and speed reforms in the housing sector. By realigning efforts at the local level, communities and developers can work together to produce, preserve and provide a diverse range of quality housing options.

MBA is committed to supporting initiatives that promote housing affordability, accessibility and inclusivity. Through its partnership with the Housing Supply Accelerator, MBA reaffirms its dedication to advancing housing affordability and equity nationwide.

For more information on the Housing Supply Accelerator and the Mortgage Bankers Association’s role in boosting housing supply nationwide, click here or contact affordablehousing@mba.org.