MBA Appoints Victor Calanog of Manulife Investment Management Vice-Chair of 2024 Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Council; Announces Council Roster

(Photo courtesy of Victor Calanog)

The Mortgage Bankers Association is pleased to announce that Victor Calanog of Manulife Investment Management will serve as Vice-Chair of the 2024 Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Council.

Barings’ Daron Tubian was named Chair of the Council at CREF24 in San Diego.

The Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Council provides important recommendations, feedback and ideas on where MBA should focus its time and resources to be impactful in advancing affordable multifamily housing and preserving the nation’s affordable housing stock.

MBA NewsLink: In your role as Vice-Chair, what specific strategies do you intend to implement to promote social impact investing within the affordable housing sector, fostering partnerships and initiatives that drive meaningful change and address the needs of low-income and middle-income families?

Victor Calanog: There’s an urgent need to increase the supply of affordable housing to preserve and encourage affordability. Encouraging investor interest in the sector requires clarifying nomenclature, promoting a common understanding of market size and growth and supporting information flow across stakeholders. Having better information about investment options (and realities) should encourage investments not just from social impact funds – but all other investors ultimately concerned with bottom-line returns.

MBA NewsLink: With these key priorities in mind, how do you plan to collaborate with fellow Council members and stakeholders to develop comprehensive solutions that address the intersecting challenges of workforce housing supply, affordable multifamily housing production, social impact investing and financial education in 2024?

Victor Calanog: It takes time to think through policies, how certain interventions might affect markets and households positively or negatively and how the ecology of real estate capital markets can and ought to make room for affordable housing financing.

MBA’s Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Council features many of the best minds with both theoretical and practical experience in affordable housing. We’re committed to consistent, focused meetings through 2024, policy advocacy and education for the industry. It’s an honor to be able to work alongside Council members and for the industry as a whole.

We are also excited to announce the members of the 2024 Council, which is staffed and managed by MBA’s Katelynn Harris Walker, Associate Director of Affordable Housing Initiatives.

Victor Calanog is Managing Director and Global Head for Real Estate Research and Strategy for Manulife Investment Management. Previously, he was Head of Commercial Real Estate Economics for Moody’s Analytics. Prior to the acquisition by Moody’s Analytics in October 2018, he served as Chief Economist & Senior Vice President of REIS, leading a team of economists and analysts to build, maintain and customize the firm’s market forecasting, valuation, and real estate portfolio analytics and advisory services. 

Dr. Calanog’s research has received awards and fellowship support from several institutions, including the Ford Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation and the Penn Lauder Center for International Business Research. A prodigious researcher with broad interests, his papers in real estate economics, local government competition and urban fiscal policy have been presented in meetings of the American Economic Association, the American Finance Association, the Brookings Institution and discussed in academic forums sponsored by Harvard Business School, Columbia University, Stanford University, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Learn more about MBA’s Affordable Housing Initiative, CONVERGENCE, here. Stay up to date on all things affordable multifamily housing by joining the online Affordable Rental Housing community group.