Mortgage Accounting Webinar Series Starts Today

The Mortgage Accounting Series webinar series is presented in collaboration with MBA Education and Mortgage Banking Solutions (MBS), a consulting firm servicing the residential mortgage lending industry. Join us as we delve into the fundamentals and complexities of mortgage accounting.

The completion of this series will provide you with the information necessary to master this form of accounting. Anyone who desires to increase their knowledge of mortgage loan accounting will benefit from this session that is designed for business owners, executive management, accountants, and non-CPA accounting managers.

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Part I: Drilling into Mortgage Accounting: April 25, 2024

Session one of this series will introduce attendees to the foundational concepts within mortgage accounting.

Part II: Loan Level Accounting: May 2, 2024

This session presents the basics of full transaction-based loan accounting that tracks all the revenue, expense, assets and liabilities associated with the closing and sale of a mortgage loan. The structure of accounting methods presented in this session is a requirement to comply with the reporting demands of the NMLS Call Report.

Part III: Hedging For Accountants: May 16, 2024

This session provides an overview of pipeline hedging and the financial reporting complexity generated by hedging transactions. This is a complex topic that is recommended for Controllers, Mortgage Accountants, Secondary Marketing managers, CPAs, CFOs, business owners, executive management, and anyone who desires to gain a more in-depth knowledge of hedging and hedge accounting.

Part IV: Hedge Accounting and GAAP Reporting: May 23, 2024

This session takes a deep dive into the complexity of hedging accounting and the journal entry detail required by GAAP to correctly prepare financial reports for the NMLS and warehouse lenders. This is complex and important session that expands upon the information contained in the three previous sessions. This detailed session is recommended for Controllers, Mortgage Accountants, Secondary Marketing managers, CPAs, and CFOs.

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Dr. Andy Schell, Ph.D., CPA, CMB, Managing Partner, Mortgage Banking Solutions

Theresa Marie, CIO & Managing Director, Strategic Technology & Operations, Mortgage Banking Solutions


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CPE credits are not offered for this webinar.