Unpacking the Costs and Current State of Homeowners Insurance – June 20

Join MBA and industry experts for a conversation on how to understand the costs and navigate the complexities of residential homeowners’ insurance. Speakers will help attendees differentiate what consumers are seeing and hearing in the news versus what is happening on the ground, and how incorrect information can discourage first time homebuyers and create confusion for existing borrowers.

The discussion will also unpack the effects, locally and nationally, of climate change on insurance pricing and what data is showing about future trends. Our expert speakers will also shed light on the significant role of fraud in the insurance sector, offering practical insights on detection, mitigation, and prevention. Finally, attendees will learn effective communication strategies to engage with borrowers about the nuances of insurance policies and how to better explain the costs. This webinar is crucial for anyone looking to navigate the evolving landscape of homeowners insurance with confidence and clarity.

Thursday, June 20 (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET)

Help borrowers and prospective borrowers understand the cost of insurance and be able to explain what impacts pricing
See recent examples of misinformation on the insurance market and comparing that to real-time and reliable insurance data
Understand the impact of climate change on insurance costs
Learn the role fraud has played in any recent rise in insurance costs, and how servicers can better detect and mitigate fraud

Target Audience
Mortgage Servicers and Customer Service Staff
Insurance Specialists and Analysts
Fraud Prevention Staff
Loan Officers or anyone counseling homebuyers
Risk Professionals

Jason Butts, Vice President Partnerships, SimplyIOA
Kim Lanham, Senior Vice President Marketing and Public Relations, Digital Risk
Jeff Ward, Chief Technology Officer, SimplyIOA
Justin Wiseman, Vice President for Residential Policy and Managing Regulatory Counsel, Mortgage Bankers Association

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