Industry Briefs, June 20, 2024

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Fannie Mae Hits Over $3 Billion in Single-Family Labeled Social Bond Issuance

Fannie Mae released a new disclosure for its single-family MBS, the Social Indicator.

It helps investors identify MBS issued since March 1 that meet the criteria of Fannie Mae’s Single-Family Social Bond Framework.

The Single-Family Social Bonds are backed by loans to populations that typically face barriers to obtaining affordable housing or access to credit.

Freddie Mac Issues $1.9B in Single-Family Green Mortgage-Backed Securities in 2023

Freddie Mac announced it issued a total of $1.85 billion of Single-Family Green Mortgage-Backed Securities in 2023, via its 2023 Green MBS Impact Report.

From its start in 2021 to year-end 2023, Freddie Mac Single-Family Green MBS issuance has totaled nearly $3.8 billion original unpaid principal balance of bonds.

The securities were backed by more than 10,000 qualifying Freddie Mac mortgages, including mortgages for newly constructed homes with a qualifying HERS rating; GreenCHOICE Mortgages where the proceeds paid off existing debt used to finance the purchase and installation of solar panels; and beginning in 2023, loans backed by newly constructed homes with a renewable energy source.

Dark Matter Technologies Announces Empower Enhancements

Dark Matter Technologies, Jacksonville, Fla., announced enhancements to the Loan Assumptions feature in its Empower loan origination system.

The enhancements will make it easier for lenders and servicers to transfer assumable mortgages to new homeowners.

Dark Matter notes that the Empower LOS is the first mortgage loan origination system to announce native support for loan assumptions. It can support the process whether initiated by the seller’s mortgage servicer or the buyer’s mortgage originator and can work with financial institutions that use a different LOS provider for first-lien origination.

MCT, Lender Price Team

Mortgage Capital Trading, San Diego, and Lender Price, Pasdena, Calif., have partnered.

The effort will provide mortgage lenders using the Lender Price product and pricing engine with loan-level MCT mortgage servicing rights values.

MCT’s MSR grids will allow Lender Price clients to be more granular and efficient when generating front-end borrower pricing and managing their MSR portfolio.  

BlackFin Selects Finastra as Preferred Partner

BlackFin, Englewood, Calif., named Finastra, London, a Preferred Partner.

With this designation, Finastra will collaborate with BlackFin to implement and enhance digital banking and mortgage solutions for its clients.

Finastra has a suite of products, including an open fintech ecosystem, that will be leveraged to create solutions for clients.

Invictus Capital Partners Announces Insurance Solutions Business

Invictus Capital Partners, Washington, D.C., announced a new Insurance Solutions Business.

Carl Bell, with Invictus since 2015, will spearhead the business.

“Invictus is excited to launch this new business, which will provide insurance clients with access to high-quality residential loans and the expertise and infrastructure needed to navigate the granular nature of this asset class,” said Michael W. Warden, CEO of Invictus Capital Partners. “We strategically built Verus Mortgage Capital, our affiliated operating platform, to provide our clients with the benefit of an advantaged position in sourcing and managing residential loans at an institutional scale.”