MBA Thanks Princess Mackie Book Challenge Participants

(This story is part of an ongoing series highlighting MBA member company participants of the Princess Mackie Book Challenge.)

The Mortgage Bankers Association launched the Princess Mackie Book Challenge to promote financial education and develop new tools and resources to help children and their families learn more about homeownership in schools and community organizations. This week, MBA would like to highlight CrossCountry Mortgage, Cleveland, and Ally Bank, Detroit.

CrossCountry Mortgage participated In the Cleveland Juneteenth Freedom Fest in downtown Cleveland on June 15, and were able to provide copies of Princess Mackie Buys a House to the community. The event represented culture via features such as art exhibits, music and food.

(CrossCountry’s booth at the event, courtesy of CrossCountry Mortgage)

“Sharing the message on the importance of homeownership through the eyes of children is such a great way to plant the seed for future generations. We were proud to share it with the community,” Marlana Scott, Senior Director of Housing Initiatives for CrossCountry, wrote on LinkedIn.

Ally Bank kicked off its first Princess Mackie event last week. Company participants shared the book with 3rd-5th grade students as part of the Freedom Schools Partner Summer Camp in Charlotte, N.C. They passed out copies, read some of the chapters, discussed key terms and challenged the students to “draw their dream homes.”

(Participants in the Ally Bank event in Charlotte, courtesy of Ally Bank)

Ally Bank plans to host events in other cities, such as Philadelphia and Detroit.

Princess Mackie Buys a House, an illustrated children’s book by Twala Lockett, explains the path to homeownership to children and their families.

MBA has encouraged industry members to participate by purchasing copies of the book–either standard or branded with company logos–to distribute within their communities. The goal is to hit 10,000 books to be shared nationwide.

The effort stands at 6,300 books purchased through MBA and its members. To help us reach the goal or learn more information, click here or check out the video below.