June 11: Bank-Owned Mortgage Divisions: What Bankers Need to Know to Manage Mortgage Banking

This webinar is part of MBA Education’s Garrett, McAuley & Co. Mortgage Banking Management Webinar Series.

Commercial and community banks often get frustrated by how volatile and cyclical the mortgage banking business is, and many of them decide to exit at exactly the wrong time. Often bankers struggle to understand the nature of mortgage banking compared to other types of commercial lending. This webinar will focus on helping bank executives understand some of the unique features of mortgage banking and how to properly assess the risk, productivity, and performance of their mortgage banking divisions. More importantly, we’ll tell you the key metrics that bank managers and mortgage division managers should track and discuss monthly in order to promote good communication and to meet the bank’s objectives. And this webinar includes a large amount of new and updated material from 2022’s very popular webinar.

Tuesday, June 11 (1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET)

How to manage through mortgage industry cyclicality and the appropriate ways to right-size the business
Understanding the mortgage division’s business components and how they relate to the division’s overall profitability
Ensuring that the bank earns proper returns relative to the mortgage group’s manager compensation
The types of business models that banks use for mortgage banking and the one that works best
Benchmarking bank-owned mortgage division performance against peers and top performers in the industry
Why each of these ratios is critical if you want to improve profitability or reduce risk

Who Should Attend?
Bank CEOs and CFOs
Directors of Banks
Mortgage Division Executives
Banking Industry Analysts

Joseph Garrett, Principal, Garrett, McAuley & Co.
Michael D. McAuley, Principal, Garrett, McAuley & Co.

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