Real-World Artificial Intelligence: The TRUE Story, Aug. 13

About the Event

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Artificial Intelligence is more than a futuristic concept. The benefits to the mortgage industry already exist, including operational efficiency, the ability to scale up or down with rapid market changes, and improved loan quality. This webinar will examine how TRUE is utilizing AI across the entire lending lifecycle. It will include a demonstration of features for a product that is available to lenders today.


Tuesday, August 13 (2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET)


Learn how AI capabilities are changing the mortgage industry

Learn how your borrower loan data is the key to driving significant ROI

Understand how AI can help make your business more adaptable to demand, enable an elastic workforce, and lead to more revenue, while providing a modernized customer experience

Learn how AI is leveling the lending playing field, without the need for lending industry participants to have inhouse AI expertise

What lenders should think about regarding their own AI needs and future strategies

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Shannon Cobb, SVP, Mortgage Title and Tax Solutions, CoForge

Steve Butler, President and CRO, TRUE

Richard Hill, VP, Industry Technology, Mortgage Bankers Association

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