Report Finds Three-Quarters of Americans Open to Living in a Tiny Home

(Illustration courtesy of IPX1031)

The American dream might be shifting in size. Nearly three-quarters of Americans in a recent survey said they would consider living in a tiny home.

Among the generations, Gen Z and Millennials display the most interest in tiny homes with 75% saying they would consider living in one.

The top three reasons survey respondents gave for considering a tiny home were affordability, a more minimalist lifestyle and not needing a large home, according to IPX1031.

The report noted Americans aren’t interested only in tiny homes, but also in tiny home communities. More than three in five Americans said they would consider living in a tiny home community and 12% already have tiny home communities near where they currently live.

“Finances also play a large role in the interest of tiny houses,” the report said. “In fact, 65% of Americans would consider buying a tiny home because of the current housing market and 86% think tiny homes are a good option for first-time homebuyers. Additionally, data shows 89% find tiny homes more appealing as living options and 82% view them as attractive investments.”

More than half of those who have considered alternative housing options such as tiny homes and manufactured homes cited high interest rates as a primary reason.

IPX1031 analyzed U.S. Google searches about tiny homes and found the states most interested in living in tiny homes include Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, Maine and Montana.