MISMO Publishes Updated Version 3 XML Reference Model General Information Guide

MISMO®, the real estate finance industry’s standards organization, published the updated Version 3 XML Reference Model General Information Guide.

Previously known as the Version 3 General Information Guide, the new edition incorporates updates required for the Version 3.6 XML Reference Model.

The Version 3 XML Reference Model General Information Guide supports industry implementation of the MISMO XML reference models, including the recently released version 3.6. The guide was updated to address numerous instances of XML-only orientation and removes extraneous security details, enhances the Version 3.5 Reference Model and Product Expansion section, and adds the Version 3.6 Structural maintenance section.

Version 3.6 of the MISMO Reference Model is the basis for nearly all MISMO standards, including the updated GSEs’ residential appraisal data exchange, the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD®); private-label RMBS rating agency asset valuation data; closing instructions standard template and data exchange; and the enhanced SMART Doc® standard. The final version also includes several structural maintenance updates that enable the use of programmatic maintenance tools and is designed to ensure consistency across the Reference Model collection.

MISMO’s ability to address critical business challenges is made possible thanks to the invaluable support of lenders through the MISMO Innovation Investment Fee.

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