Marcia Davies at mPowering You: Gratitude, Community Key in Tough Times  

(Davies on stage during the welcome remarks. Picture by Anneliese Mahoney.)

PHILADELPHIA–When you experience tough times–either professionally or personally–gratitude and a strong community can make a world of difference. That was a key takeaway from the welcome remarks given by Marcia Davies, Chief Operating Officer for the Mortgage Bankers Association, at the mPowering You Summit for Women in Real Estate Finance held here Oct. 14.

She highlighted her deep personal gratitude for her colleagues, friends, the mPower community and many others over the past few years as her husband battled cancer. He is now cancer-free, Davies happily shared.

But she also noted how important gratitude can be for mPower members when faced with challenges in the industry.

“Gratitude is the most important thing we all need right now. We need to count our blessings,” Davies said. “We need to stop, we need to celebrate and we especially need to do this when times are tough.”

Davies highlighted the importance of the mPower community amid the industry’s recent trials and tribulations.

“Over the past year and a half as our industry has struggled, we have been there for each other, every single day. When you are part of mPower, you’re surrounded by hundreds of people who have your back,” Davies said.  

It’s also important to both ask for help when you need it, and to offer help to others–give them a reason to be grateful, Davies said.

Moreover, Davies said, amid tough times it’s important to be grateful for the opportunities you have.

“Even though so many companies and colleagues are struggling, we still work in the world’s best business,” Davies said. “And I know from speaking to so many of you that this industry has supported and provided for us in ways that we never envisioned, we joined an industry that lifts up families and creates jobs.”

“We can take confidence in the fact that bad times are not forever, better days are going to be on the way,” Davies said. “And I promise you, we will reach those better days together.”