Mississippi Has the Most Single Homeowners, Study Shows

(Image courtesy of All Star Home)

All Star Home, Raleigh, N.C., analyzed U.S. Census Bureau data to determine which states have the largest percentage of single homeowners–with Mississippi coming in on top and Utah with the fewest.

Following Mississippi in the top five are Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada and Georgia.

After Utah, the least likely states to find single homeowners are Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and Iowa.

Broken down by gender, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina are top for single women. And Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, North Dakota and California top the list for men.

All Star Home surveyed Gen Z and Millennial single homeowners on their experiences; the top three reasons they listed were wanting to own their own property, having a space to make their own and the rising cost of rent.

The average purchase price for single homeowners was $208,469, and 32% needed some assistance via a gift or a government program.

In terms of stress, two in three single Gen Z and Millennial homeowners are concerned about covering expenses by themselves. Half say those expenses have been tougher to cover in 2023.

Sixty-three percent of single homeowners are worried about home maintenance, and about 40% wish they had someone to share costs with. In terms of maintenance, top areas of worry are plumbing issues, cleaning gutters, pest control, HVAC filters and mowing the lawn.