MBA Education School of Mortgage Banking III in Miami Mar. 21-24

MBA Education presents its School of Mortgage Banking III in Miami Mar. 21-24.

School of Mortgage Banking III emphasizes long-term strategic planning in a mortgage-banking environment through an interactive, discussion-based, four-day session that includes an advanced computerized model-Advanced Interactive Mortgage Management (AIMM). Working in teams, students will develop a 5‐year strategic plan to bring a struggling mortgage company back to profitability while also positioning it for a strong future. Incorporating its vision for where the company can go economically, geographically, and technologically, each team will manage the company through eight quarters of varying economic conditions. The team’s strategic plan and the results of the computer simulation will be presented to the Board of Directors on the last day of the course.

SOMB III concludes with a graduation ceremony on Friday awarding successful and qualified participants their AMP designation. (Successful completion of SOMB I, II, and III results in your AMP designation).

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