Veterans Optimistic About Homebuying, Survey Finds

(Courtesy Veterans United Home Loans)

Veterans United Home Loans, Columbia, Mo., found 55% of veterans and service members surveyed feel homebuying is within reach.

Three-quarters of the respondents to the survey, who are considering homeownership within three years, said they plan to buy in the next year.

However, the Veteran United Home Loans survey revealed a mixed bag when it comes to financial outlooks. In it, 60% said average home prices in their area will rise over the next year and 68% believe interest rates will rise.

On the other hand, 67% said they’ll be in a better place financially a year from now, 56% said their finances improved over the past year and 60% felt optimistic about their financial plan moving forward. Additionally, 62% said they have less debt now than in the past.

Interest rates, home prices and inflation were listed as the top impediments to buying homes.

The survey was conducted in March, with more than 600 veterans and service members who plan to buy a home in the future responding to in-depth interviews and an online survey.