MISMO Launches New Version 3.6 of the Reference Model

MISMO®, the real estate finance industry’s standards organization, today announced that Version 3.6 of the MISMO Reference Model has reached “Candidate Recommendation” status, meaning that it has been thoroughly reviewed by a wide range of organizations and industry participants and is available for use across the industry.

“Version 3.6 of the MISMO Reference Model is the basis for nearly all MISMO standards and will shape every new API, dataset, and SMART Doc® in the coming years,” said David Coleman, President of MISMO. “It is also the culmination of a multi-year collaborative effort among hundreds of volunteer experts from across the mortgage industry ecosystem.”

Version 3.6 of the MISMO Reference Model includes additions and enhancements to data points, enumerated values, and containers. Included in the new version are updates and enhancements to support the:

•             GSEs’ updated residential appraisal data exchange, Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD®);

•             Private Label RMBS rating agency asset valuation data exchange for faster, more efficient, and more accurate due diligence necessary for securitizing private label residential mortgages;

•             Exchange of closing instructions, which will improve communications and avoid delays during closing between the lenders and closing agents;

•             Ability to electronically verify that data is consistent with information presented in a document, such as the loan application, and that the data has not been tampered with putting trust into the data through the Version 3 Verifiable Profile SMART Doc® standard;

•             Enhancements to the MISMO API Toolkit, leveraging MISMO’s initiative to develop standards for consumer transactions;

•             FIPS Code API,  returning loan limits based on Zip Code of the subject property address;

•             New document data mappings for several industry forms, including the VA Form 1880, Adverse Action, 4506T, and 4506C; and

•             Maintenance changes to add, change, and deprecate data points, enumerated values, and containers (as appropriate).

The MISMO Reference Model includes a logical data model, which makes it easier for organizations to communicate with business partners regardless of the technologies they choose; an XML schema representation of the data and relationships that support industry business processes; the logical data dictionary (LDD) which provides a business centric view of the model; and the MISMO SMART Doc® standards, which provide formats for electronic formatting of documents; and more.

The Version 3.6 MISMO Reference Model package provided contains the Version 3.6 release notes and change list detailing included updates; the logical data model; XML schema files; and the LDD.

MISMO’s work to solve key business challenges is made possible due to lender support of the MISMO Innovation Investment Fee. For information on MISMO and how to join visit MISMO.org.