RealPage: Most Renters Satisfied With Housing Situation

(Image courtesy Karolina Grabowska/

RealPage, Richardson, Texas, found 66% of multifamily renters surveyed report being happy with their current housing situation, with younger renters reporting the highest satisfaction rates.

Additionally, just over half (51%) of Gen Z renters feel that renting is a better option than buying, with 44% of the overall population holding that opinion. Gen Z typically refers to those born between 1997-2012.

The survey covered 2,000 American renters.

“The research tells us that most apartment renters are happy being apartment renters,” said Jay Parsons, Chief Economist for RealPage. “Older renters say they’re renting because it frees them up from home maintenance and other responsibilities. Younger renters are renting because it gives them more flexibility.”

About three-quarters of renters said they rent in an area where they would not be able to purchase a home.

In terms of searching for apartments, Gen X renters report being more likely to look at the crime history of an area, and Gen Z renters care more about lease terms and pet policies. All generations report looking for a quiet environment and parking options.

Additionally, 56% of Gen Z renters would be willing to pay higher rent for sustainable features such as composted waste.

Factors that play into whether a renter will renew a lease include renovation and repairs, lease flexibility, and problems with neighbors or property managers. Older renters are more likely to renew to avoid having to move; younger renters reported being influenced by upgraded amenities and technology.