Take Your DEI Strategy to the Next Level with MBA’s DEI Playbook

Expand or develop your organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy with MBA’s DEI Playbook.

This new toolkit is designed to enhance or establish your workplace’s DEI framework. Utilize this new MBA member resource to identify a strategy tailored to fit your company’s unique needs with checkpoints, guidelines and detailed descriptions of each employee’s role to hold everyone accountable. A successful plan will leave your employees feeling valued and appreciated for their unique differences.

MBA DEI Playbook Highlights:

•             Evaluate your current DEI competency and position in your journey.

•             Assess if your current systems are improving or impeding your organization’s progress.

•             Develop and execute your strategy as a mechanism through which systematic issues and your workplace’s status quo are challenged and changed.

•             Create a scaled and purposeful strategy upheld by strategic pillars and customized DEI efforts.

•             Establish a marketplace presence that aligns with belonging ad inclusion.

•             Create a culture of inclusion, innovation and productivity.

Exclusive Access for MBA Members

To access the Playbook, you will need your MBA member login. Click on the Sign In prompt on the upper right side of the web page. Contact MBA’s DEI Team at dei@mba.org for more information.