NAMMBA Accredited Social Impact Lender Program Open for Enrollment

Earlier this year, the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America launched its Accredited Social Impact Lender program to give lenders (like you) and their teams the tools to make the CRA/LMI market a viable extension of their annual strategy. ASIL not only gives your team tools but also a whole mindset shift that will grow CRA/LMI into a profitable arm of your mortgage company’s lending mix.

ASIL is the key to helping our partners understand where they stand today with the CRA/LMI market, envision where they could be tomorrow, and develop a roadmap on how to get there and without missteps. That means training, data, and marketing advice all wrapped up in one package by a company that specializes in the CRA/LMI mortgage market…NAMMBA.

THIS market will be where the growth is in the mortgage industry for the next two decades. If you don’t adapt to where the growth market is trending, your mortgage company isn’t going to grow.

Different markets need different tactics. That means the old playbook isn’t going to work in a new growth demographic. The good news is…you don’t have to keep banging your head against the wall trying to figure it out. ASIL has you covered.

Howard Hanna, an early adopter of ASIL, is adapting the training and insight gained during the program into their already extensive offerings in the CRA/LMI market. They are looking to beat other lenders to market with not only products, but also education for borrowers who might not know that they are eligible for a mortgage.

And April Alexander from Prosperity Mortgage is excited about her specialized team completing the program and being one of only 5% of lenders that are eligible to earn ASIL Certification.

I hope to see more companies, like yours, like Howard Hanna, like Prosperity Mortgage, step up to the plate. Enroll your team in ASIL and get the tools you will need to make an impact in this often overlooked and underserved market where competition is still low, but growth is happening across the board!

And if you meet with us before November 30, you can get a free copy of our 2021 Next Gen Homebuyer Survey.


Tony Thompson, CMB