mPowering You: ‘When We Stand Together, We are Unstoppable’

(mPowering You Founder and MBA COO Marcia Davies.)

NASHVILLE—Mortgage Bankers Association COO and mPower Founder Marcia Davies kicked off the mPowering You, MBA’s Summit for Women in Real Estate Finance event here on Saturday with an impassioned call for change – in the workplace, on the home front and in the public arena.

“Now is the time to move forward, and continue advocating for equality,” Davies said.

Davies said women are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. “I’m worried women have lost momentum; actually, I’m worried we’re going backward,” she said. “During COVID, I saw many women leaders take a step back. I saw some decide it’s easier to sit things out when they used to say ‘count me in.’ I get it; I really do. COVID was tough. And women juggled a helluva lot more than men. You know it. I know it. I fear we’re at risk of losing so much that we won.”

As the number-two official at MBA, Davies said she understands how hard it is for women to rise to the top.

“We must continue to fight for change—to break through barriers–to lift women up,” Davies said. “Now is not the time to slow down or to back down. Now is the time to step up; we must empower women like never before.”

“If I’ve learned anything from the women of mPower, it’s this: when we stand together, anything is possible,” Davies added. “All of us are stronger than each of us. This room is filled with some of the most powerful and passionate people in our industry. Look around you. We are the women who get things done. But, how much more can we get done if we unite? How much more can we achieve if we stand together? That’s what we have to do in these difficult and challenging times.”

To get this done, Davies said, the first action is to commit to the cause. “By being here, you’re making a statement; you’re saying we’re partners when it comes to helping women,” she said. “The truth is, we can’t stand together if we don’t show up. And you’ve shown up – and you can inspire others to join us.”

Second, Davies said, “What we need to do is listen to each other. Actually — we need to listen to all women…Listening is a powerful thing. It helps us identify the problems and move toward solutions. Your voice matters; and I want all of us to hear each other.”

The third thing, Davis said, is to look out for each other. “At first glance, this may seem obvious; but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Looking out for each other isn’t something that comes and goes; it’s a 24/7 commitment. We need to help each other in these tough times. It’s especially true when it comes to filling roles.”

Fourth, Davies said: “We have to leverage our combined power to drive change. And ladies when I say power, I mean it! We have a lot of power—and not just in our industry. We have power in every facet of life.”

Women are half of America’s population, Davies noted. “We control nearly 90% of all consumer spending; our purchasing power is as much as $15 trillion; and, day in and day out – we are making the big calls,” she said. “Women account for 91% of home purchase decisions; 90% of household healthcare decisions; and 70% of travel decisions. Women actually purchase more than half of the supposedly ‘male’ products—cars, home improvement, electronics—you name it. And today, about 40% of American women earn more than their husbands.”

Best of all, Davies said, that number is only going to grow. “For three decades and counting, women have earned more college degrees than men,” she said. “Women have power; women have influence; women can unite to transform our workplace—from top to bottom.”

Fifth, Davies said, “we need to stand together is by lifting up the next generation. We need to mentor women today, so they can be the leaders of tomorrow.”

It’s never been more important to stand together, Davies said. “So, let’s commit to this cause. Listen to each other. Look out for each other. Leverage our combined power. And lift up the next generation. When women support other women, amazing things happen. mPower has proven it – time and time again.”