MBA Education Webinar Dec. 14: Ensuring HMDA Data Integrity and Common Reporting Issues

MBA Education holds a Webinar, Ensuring HMDA Data Integrity and Common Reporting Issues, on Wednesday, Dec. 14 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has made it clear its priorities include regulation and enforcement of fair lending and racial equity issues. Since HMDA data is critical to analyzing fair lending, lenders should be prepared for additional scrutiny and emphasis on the accuracy of HMDA data.

Implementing a strong, comprehensive HMDA compliance program will help ensure the accuracy of your HMDA data, and in turn, should ensure the data portrays an accurate picture of your fair lending performance. Building a process that is sustainable and ensures data integrity continuously throughout the year requires a strong foundation.

Join MBA Education and industry experts to discuss strategies for ensuring HMDA data integrity, building a strong foundation, common HMDA errors to avoid, and what the data says about your fair lending performance and fair lending risk.

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